Doula Service & Rates

Interview Meeting - R150

Our first meeting will be a time for us to get acquainted and to make certain that I am the right Doula for you.  I believe we should only work together if we are comfortable with each other.  This meeting does not oblige you to select me as your doula.  You’ll be given the space to make your final decision on using me & if you do choose me, we’ll make arrangements for a follow-up home visit.

Prenatal Home visits - one per month / a minimum of two visits - included in service package 

These meetings will help me understand what you want for your birth experience and what, if any research I need to do to aid you more effectively. We will work on labour coping skills, labour positions and feelings about childbirth.  It is helpful to have anyone who will be present at the birth, at these meetings so that everyone knows exactly what you expect from them at the birth. If needed, I can assist you with drafting a birth plan, packing your hospital bag or setting up for a homebirth.
One of our visits will cover breastfeeding preparation as this topic can bring up lots of questions that may not be adequately addressed in either antenatal classes, or with your medical caregiver. We will cover the physiology & mechanics of the breasts & milk production. Basic latching techniques, positioning of the baby and potential feeding challenges as well as referrals to appropriate organizations should the need arise.

Late pregnancy

I request that you contact me after every appointment with your caregiver to let me know how you, your partner & baby are doing. Email, sms or a phone call is fine

When labour begins (or the on-call period)

Being your doula means I’m available 24/7 even if you’re unsure that you are in labour. As such, you can call or sms me, and I can then answer questions and make suggestions over the phone. You decide whether I come right then or wait for further change. I will provide information, ideas for comfort and reassurance.  We will decide where to meet – at your home or at the hospital

During labour

I will stay with you throughout your labour and birth.  If, due to extraordinary circumstances, I am unable to be with you, I will send a back-up Doula, if you so wish.
During your labour, I will draw on my professional knowledge as a Doula , and my experiences of birth to assist you with:

·         Birth room atmosphere
·         Visualization
·         Verbal encouragement
·         Use of birth ball, water and massage tools
·         Music
·         Aromatherapy
·         Homoeopathy
·         Relaxation techniques
·         Breathing
·         Suggestions for labour positioning
·         Assistance with staying hydrated and nourished
·         Backache relief measures
·         Information you need to make informed decisions
·         Reassurance and perspective to you and your partner
·         Taking photos or videos if requested

Or any other techniques, within my scope of practice,

as requested by you

Immediately after the birth

I will remain with you 1-2 hours after the birth, to make sure you are settled and comfortable and your family is ready for some quiet time together (and can take more photos of you with your freshly born baby!)  I can help you initiate the 1st breastfeed

Postnatal home visits  - included in service package

I will visit with you within 2 weeks of the birth to assist with any feeding issues and where needed, provide you with references to other postnatal support professionals. I am available by phone or email as long as you need me after that

Additional Postnatal visits -R250

You may feel you need the extra support beyond the two postnatal visits provided. I do offer additional visits which are charged for separately


  • Interview visit                                                                         - R150
  • Additional pre or post natal home visits                                 – R250


      DOULA CARE PACKAGE        - R4 200 (as of 2018)

  •  Once monthly prenatal visits      (minimum of 2 visits)
  •  Advanced doula support for labour, birth or ceasarean attendance and assistance with 1st  breastfeed
  •  2 post-natal home visits

 I am open to negotiating a payment option to suit your needs.




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